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Anatomy of Common Sense Sharing Economy Regulations Part 2: The Federal Government

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  • Esther Nerling
    Posted at 5:43 pm, July 18, 2016

    Common sense is actually something we have lost a value for, it’s part of the imbalance that exists in our society. We actually are facing and will be living the truth that we will not learn … Unless it hurts!!! Sadly this is a real truth, politicians are pushing agendas that will prosper them, they lack vision, and we in whole who raised children that everyone refers to ” as entitled” which meant in childhood they had a great life, as adults we have left them with nothing. The shared economy could in actuality correct the mess we created and yet we are slow or rather not proactive to realize this is the way the future will run and manage our children’s lives. So to those who can activate change , don’t sit on your laurels , start embracing the shared economy and leave a legacy we all can brag about and actually be proud of!!!

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