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The Sharing Economy Is Here, Canada.

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The Mission of

Our primary goal is to create a one stop shop for all that is happening in Canada regarding this new economy, while at the same time supporting:

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Ensuring that companies involved in the Canadian sharing economy have a chance to be fully exposed and understood by their respective communities and markets.
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All members are asked to adhere to a central code of conduct, which sets out standards for communications, disclosure, safety and complaints procedures.
The community and the greater good are the heart of this economy.
The people and organizations that share and participate in this system are celebrated, encouraged and enabled.
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Bringing together the various market participants, we can create a single destination for all those interested in participating, exchanging information or simply learning more.

Setting the Standard for Canada

 It’s our Community

The sharing economy refers to the economic ecosystem of sharing or access to goods and services coordinated through community-driven peer-to-peer based online services. The sharing economy enables the optimization of underutilized resources through the redistribution and reuse of the excess capacity of various goods or services.

  It’s our Potential

Many of today’s sharing economy business include services such as peer-to-peer accommodation, peer-to-peer travel experiences, peer-to-peer product sharing and peer-to-peer task assignments. It’s fair to say that the Sharing Economy is currently in its infancy. Although many of these new companies now exist it’s fair to say it’s full potential is yet to come.

 It’s our Future

A Sharing Economy is a robust, sustainable economic system that is built around a long-term vision, always considering the impact and consequences of present day actions on the future. By considering long-term implications and being able to see the ‘big picture’, a Sharing Economy presents a stable and sustainable ongoing economic system.

Sharing Economy Participants in Canada

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